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Mac/PC Halo!

We wanted to keep this a secret for a bit longer... but since it's been finished for over a year, we figured it was time to let the fans get at it. (We were just waiting on the boxes.) Halo, for your computer - on a hybrid Mac/PC DVD! [more info]

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Today's Price: $777.77

You want everything in the Bungie Store? You can't handle everything in the Bungie Store. [more info]

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The Bungie Store
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Welcome to the Bungie Store!
The new store is divided into four main sections containing just about everything Bungie. This home page showcases new and featured products, plus bundles and other great deals on existing inventory. In the other sections, accessible via the menu above, you can browse through our collection of games, clothing, and other novel merchandise. Fancy, eh? It's safe too. Now spend some money!

Item: Grunt Plush Doll
Price: $18.95

An adorable addition to your plush collection - this guy'll sit by your side and give you someone to hug when that big bad Elite takes you out with a needler. Standing 23 inches tall, he'll never call you 'Bad Cyborg!' [more info]

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Item: Pimps at Sea
Platform: Xbox
Price: $49.95

Pimps At Sea is a trailblazing combination of action and real-time strategy set in a lush, fully 3D world. You'll sail from port to port, making mad loot with all the freedom and realism offered by the most complex economic simulation ever to appear in a game. Order now! [more info]

Pimps at Sea

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Item: Halo: Combat Evolved
Platform: Xbox
Price: $49.95

The Game of the year - now you can buy it, direct from us! There's nothing to say about this game that hasn't already been said by hundreds of gaming sites around the web - this is it, baby. [more info]

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Item: Halo: Soundtrack
Price: $14.95

The awesome music from Halo on two CDs. 38 tracks total, over 2 hours of music - this will rock your world. [more info]

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